It's the foundation of our family business. Who said no two diamonds are alike?
A variety of sizes, qualities, and settings are always available.

A beautiful symphony of fire, brilliance, and scintillation. The oval brilliant has recently burst into popularity and is all the rave around town. Comparitively it offers a largerlook per carat.

A perfectly symmetrical display of brilliance. The round brilliant is a classic shape dating back hundreds of years. With today's modern cutting abilities we have achieved perfection in beauty.

An emerald cut is an incredible display into the "soul" of a diamond. The unique step-cut design gives a transparent and mesmerizing visual sensation that will leave any viewer in awe.


If you want a certificate, GIA is the authority. If you want a fine gemstone accompanied with a certificate, you know who to call. It's not Ghostbusters.
Always available in an assortment of shapes and a plethora of options.

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